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You know Six Sigma is the key to quality. And you know a Six Sigma belt is the key to leveraging your talents. So you need to get a Six Sigma belt.

You wouldn’t be visiting this site if you were not interested in getting a Six Sigma Belt…inexpensively and quickly! 

But can you really do that? 


A typical classroom-based Six Sigma Green Belt will take two weeks out of your life, and about $2,000 OUT OF YOUR WALLET!. 

What if you could earn a Six Sigma Green Beltby studying at home?  For a ridiculously LOW price... 

Wouldn’t that be great?

“What’s the catch?” you ask…

There is no catch. 

The course has been developed by a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt.  He spent years working on his Master Black Belt certification, and makes thousands of dollars A DAY selling his knowledge.  He’s trained hundreds of people to be Six Sigma Green Belts and Black Belts in classrooms around the world. He knows what it takes to make a person into a Six Sigma Green Belt and a Six Sigma Black Belt. He also knows a few things most Master Black Belts keep to themselves.

One secret all Six Sigma Master Black Belts know is this: anyone can be a Six Sigma Green Belt.

Typical classroom sessions simply reproduce content from “The Six Sigma Handbook”, the definitive reference manual for all Six Sigma activities. Classroom sessions essentially condense what is in “The Six Sigma Handbook” and add some “fluff” to round it out. 

Sure, they have experts in the classroom who can answer your questions, but the answers are all in the book

Everything you need to know about being a Six Sigma Green Belt is in “The Six Sigma Handbook”. The trouble is, “The Six Sigma Handbook” costs almost $100! And it is pretty dense reading.

Just reading the book won’t give you a certificate, will it? 

Instead, a Master Black Belt has to “grant” you that certificate when they are confident you know “the material”.

So, we’ve come up with an alternative.

Our experts have taken the content of “The Six Sigma Handbook” and boiled it down to its basics, available in a series of slide presentations in PDF format. 

You don’t need to spend the hundred bucks to buy “The Six Sigma Handbook”, or thousands of dollars to see how an “expert” presents the same content in a classroom.

Follow through our presentations and take our on-line test (developed and approved by our Master Black Belt).  If you score 75% or more (and if you studied the material in our presentations, that should be easy)…you pass!

That’s all there is to it! 

Passing the on-line assessment demonstrates your understanding of the material needed for a Six Sigma Green Belt. We’ll send you a personalized Six Sigma Green Belt certificate and a letter congratulating you on your accomplishment, signed by a Master Black Belt. And you can add “Six Sigma Green Belt” to your list of credentials! 

Is it legitimate?  Absolutely!  Your knowledge is verified by a Six Sigma Master Black Belt based on your assessment test and your knowledge of the material, and you earned your certificate just as if you were in a classroom taking the exact same content! 

You can then tell the world you are a certified Six Sigma Green Belt!

This isn’t a scam, or a “send us money and we’ll send you a fake certificate” deal.  You have to EARN your Six Sigma Green Belt by working through the material we supply.  Our course material will explain everything you need to know about Six Sigma…and then you demonstrate your expertise to us to qualify for your Green Belt! 

The certificate is genuine and 100% valid.  It is granted by a fully qualified and industry-certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt. 

How much does it cost? Just $199!

That's right...$199 for a Six Sigma Green Belt certification program! A fraction of the cost of classroom education programs!

Our training program has been validated by Six Sigma Master Black Belts, and has been proven effective in teaching you about Six Sigma.

Want more assurances?  We absolutely guarantee our program covers what you need to know to be a Six Sigma Green Belt. If you are not happy with the content of our program and can show it is missing important Green Belt content, we will refund all your money!

So, what have you got to lose?

In a few weeks (or even days, if you work hard!) you can be a Six Sigma Green Belt, save yourself weeks of classroom training and thousands of dollars, and know every bit as much as those who attend Six Sigma Green Belt live training classes. 

Add a Six Sigma Green Belt to your certifications and resume today

Want a Six Sigma Black Belt? 

Once you earn a Green Belt, we’ll send you details on how you can move your knowledge up a level and earn your Six Sigma Black Belt! 

Earning a Black Belt requires more work, and you have to demonstrate your expertise, but you can earn a Six Sigma Black Belt for just $300 more! That’s $499 for a Six Sigma Black Belt! Compare that to the thousands of dollars classroom training will cost.

A classroom-based Six Sigma Black Belt program will usually take two to four weeks of classroom attendance, plus months in a special project! But not with this program. We’ve taken the essentials you need to know and put them in a set of presentations. By following through and learning the material, then demonstrating your skills in a Black Belt project, you can earn your Six Sigma Black Belt legitimately and quickly.  Not to mention inexpensively!